Strategic Plan

The Northwest Food Partner’s Network 2020 Strategic Plan is being finalized.

Strategic Planning Documents

Membership Agreement Draft (revised 2/10/2020)

Archived Strategic Planning Documents

Strategic Planning History

In the past, the Northwest Food Partners Network twice engaged in community-focused strategic planning. An initial three-year plan was released in late 2011.

In January 2016, NFPN engaged in a full-day strategic planning session to set the tone for our future. We developed a new mission statement, and three updated focus areas: Capacity Building, Outreach, and Food Rescue.

In January 2020, NFPN once again engaged in strategic planning, this time through three strategic planning sessions scheduled throughout the month. These meetings allowed NFPN to finalize the 2020 Strategic Plan and Membership Agreement, define the duties of NFPN’s Committees, and establish a process for future strategic planning efforts.