Community Programs

Fundraising & Donation Drives

The Northwest Food Partners Network regularly organizes fundraisers for our member agencies. We also host a Holiday Food Drive each November & December. Supplemental food drives throughout the year (focused on items like spices, cooking oil, and kitchen supplies) fill in the gaps of the resources regularly provided by pantries and hot meal programs.

Community Referral Services

Hunger is interconnected to other issues in community members’ lives. Many clients at food pantries and hot meal programs need additional resources in addition to receiving food. The NFPN co-locates mental health staff and interns to provide information and referral services one-on-one with clients at targeted member food programs on a biweekly basis. The NFPN also coordinates for other local organizations to visit food programs and offer wraparound services to clients.

Youth Employment Initiatives

  • “Growing Gourmet” (2016) employed local youth to provide container gardens, cooking and nutrition opportunities to member agency program participants while learning those skills themselves.
  • “Aveggies! A Nutrition Puppet Show” (2012-2015) was geared towards 3- to 5-yr-olds and taught healthy eating with elements of exercise and hands-on learning. Aveggies! brought together community and provided creative employment opportunities for youth.

Mental Health Pilot Program

The NFPN is developing a program that brings mental health and socioemotional support on site at member agencies’ food pantries and hot meal sites. The pilot program, operating at New Community Covenant Church, is currently underway.

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