Network Resources

Community Resource Guide: Comprehensive guide for referring local clients to services such as employment, public benefits, shelters, etc. Updated in April 2017 by Crystal Vargas. Uploaded to Google Docs.

Food As Medicine- Linking Hunger Relief with Healthcare: Report that showcases Chicago and other cities to explain how emergency food sites can provide health services on-site, vice-versa, and why it’s important. Updated in February 2018 by Laura Yepez.

Volunteer Resource Guide: Created as a training resource for managing volunteers, interns and fellows, and finding new personnel to fit the needs of your food program. Updated in January 2017 by Margot Nitschke. Uploaded to Google Docs.

NFPN Member Directory: Password protected

Community Referral Program – 2017 Report: Summary of the successes, challenges, and data from the 2016-7 cycle of the NFPN’s Community Referral Program. Updated in April 2017 by Crystal Vargas.

NFPN Annual Report – 2016: Summary of accomplishments of the year 2016 and goals for 2017.

Additional Resources

The work of the Northwest Food Partners Network is informed by data gathered internally and by affiliated agencies within our area. For more information about federal and local programs to fight hunger in Chicago and nationwide, please access the following resources:

Cook County Food Access Plan

Humboldt Park Quality-of-Life Plan

Health, Nutrition and Food Access in Chicago

Federal Nutrition Programs