Replacing Food Destroyed Due to Recent Wind Storms

If food you bought using SNAP was destroyed due to the recent wind storms, you can receive additional SNAP benefits.

The SNAP Program allows for additional SNAP benefits when food bought with SNAP benefits is destroyed in a disaster.

  • A disaster is a fire, flood, tornado, or other devastating event beyond the control of the unit.
  • Additionally, food can be replaced due to a power outage of at least 4 hours.
  • More details: PM 22-03-01

COMED is reporting that 127,00 customers experienced outages because of extreme weather with hurricane-force winds, in excess of 90 miles per hour, that resulted in severe damage across the Northern Illinois service territory.

SNAP recipients who lost food because of the recent wind storm power outages should complete, sign, and submit a Request for Replacement of Destroyed Food form.

  • Most Department of Human Services Family Community Resource Centers (FCRC) are closed.
  • The best way to submit this form is by email to the SNAP recipient’s local FCRC.
    • Click the links below to download the form in English and Spanish.
    • You can find your nearest FCRC using the table below.
  • A request for replacement SNAP must be submitted within 10 calendar days of the power outage
    • In the case of the recent wind storms, that would be AUGUST 20, 2020.

Cook County Family Community Resource Center Email Addresses:

FCRC #FCRC NeighborhoodFCRC Email Address