COVID-19 Eviction Resources from Legal Aid Chicago

COVID-19 has unfortunately caused widespread job loss. As a result, many Chicagoans are struggling to keep up with their rent payments. Legal Aid Chicago has created resources to assist Cook County residents faced with this challenge.

Eviction Info Sheet

Legal Aid Chicago has created a flyer titled “Can I be evicted during the COVID-19 crisis in Cook County?” Available in both English and Spanish, this flyer details your rights as a tenant during these tough times. They can be viewed and downloaded below.

While evictions are paused in Cook County, tenants are still required to pay rent. If tenants to do not, they may face eviction after the moratorium ends.

IMPORTANT: It is illegal for your landlord to lock you out without a court order. If this has happened to you, call Legal Aid Chicago at 312-341-1070.

Subsidized Housing Letters

Legal Aid Chicago has also drafted letters for those who have subsidized housing and have had their income reduced due to COVID-19. Such tenants can fill out and send these letters to their PHA so that their rent can be reduced to reflect their reduced income.

These letters for subsidized housing tenants can be viewed and downloaded below.